Various and sundry technology related links and materials.

Nook Color experiences
Some coworkers asked about my Nook Color, so I thought I'd answer them.
Toshiba hibernation problem
An explanation of a problem I was experiencing on my Toshiba Tecra M4 TabletPC, and how I fixed it. The page also includes information about various processes that start up automatically and if they can be stopped.
Toshiba laptop review
Information from my purchase of the Toshiba Tecra M4 TabletPC, and initial reactions to it. (Updated August 12, 2009 with long term use information!)
Macros for Microsoft Office Programs
Word Macros
Excel Macros
Visio Macros
Section 508 Information and Tools
While working for DFAS Cleveland, I had to check web pages for 508 compliance. To make my life a lot easier, I created a special CSS file that would highlight problems on a web page. I used to use the Web Developer extension's "Add User Style Sheet" option to apply this CSS file. Note that the file is set up to focus on DFAS-specific requirements (like all TABLEs needing a SUMMARY), so it's probably best if you use it as a starting point for your own efforts.
Python program
A python program to convert the case of HREF values in web pages, text files, and server side includes (SSIs)
Ideal computer design
My thoughts about the ideal laptop. Dual touchscreen, software-defined interfaces, and lots of other stuff.

Random project ideas

Solution to the "Half My SD Card Disappeared" Problem

Bought a 2GB SD Card for my laptop, plugged it in and it saw a 1.88GB FAT drive. Reformatted it using the Toshiba provided software, and the storage capacity dropped to 1GB! Since I wanted to use this SD card as a backup device instead of a digital camera card, this was a real problem.

Nothing I tried would get the original 1.88 GB size back. Windows Disk Manager couldn't see the card at all, and the included formatting tools didn't work either. Finally after I did a lot of web searching, I found a tool called the SD Formatter from the SD Association that did the trick. Just download it, install it, and follow the onscreen directions. The software wasn't the prettiest thing, but it worked. I now have my full 1.88GB of storage back.

Linux Documentation Sucks article leads to Design Inspiration - 20091203

I just read Carla Schroder's article about poor quality Linux documentation, and something she said there struck a chord:

I might file a bug report for the amusement of watching it grow cobwebs. But I'm not even sure where to file a bug report-- with the application's project site? The Linux distribution I am using? The upstream of my distro?

I can't help with answering the questions, but the watching it grow cobwebs statement is interesting. I wonder if I could create a CSS stylesheet that would add cobwebs, dust, and faded/peeling "paint" to a webpage. Of course I'd need some way of determining the age of the page, and it'd be a good idea to layer the effects so that a comparatively ancient page would have more dust and crud than a newer page.

Hmmmmm. I'll have to think about that. Start with Cameron Moll's Wicked Worn series, and refer to this Smashing Magazine article.